About RTO help



The name says it all really.

We are a group of experienced consultants, resources developers and administrators who work with and support registered training organisations. (RTO) and CRICOS providers.

With over 20 years experience in the vocational education Industry, RTOhelp has assisted RTO’s with regulatory compliance, advice & risk management across many industries.


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01. A Team Approach

Our team of RTO specialists are focused on providing you with professional and practical help.      We draw on our network to collaborate and build a team equipped to meet your needs.

Our team can work on small and large projects. 


02. Professional

We have in-depth, experience and a professional approach.

RTOhelp has good relationships with regulatory bodies built up over the years and hundreds of RTO projects. We handle starts up through to complex auditing for national companies. Start, Grow, Comply, Improve . . . . our services cover it all.


03. experienced

RTOhelp has been in VET consultancy fulltime since 2000. We have experienced incredible industry growth, constant regulatory shifts, dramatic government policy adjustments, incremental technology developments and seen good and bad practice in VET across the country.


Robyn Maher


Robyn has been working in VET for over 30 years and full time consulting for 20 years. Our company has a solid name for integrity and quality work with RTO’s and CRICOS providers RTO help has supported over 250 RTO’s in all states and territories. And many more have bought our VET assessment tools and products. We handle starts up through to complex auditing for national companies. Start, Grow, Comply, Improve . . . . our services cover it all.

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Managing Director, Robyn Maher is your main point of contact.

Robyn project manages contracts to ensure we deliver services to the standard you expect and regulators require.


When you contact RTOhelp, we will ask you what is needed and how we can help. This initial call or email will clarify what you require and if we can assist your organisation.


We will ask questions to understand your needs. The services area of this website will explain this in more detail.


We are enthusiastic adopters of conferencing and cloud technology. Our team in based in NSW but we support RTO’s across Australia keeping costs and travel to a minimum.

Meet face to face

Email communication – to chat or track projects

Talk by phone or webinar conferencing – Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, TEAMS, Webex

Shared documents using “cloud technology” – to build documents and track projects