Products and Set Fee Services


We sell RTO and CRICOS templates and documents and assessment materials for an advertised price through our website. This is a low cost option especially for experienced VET operators who know what they need.

Set Fee Services

We offer audits, external validation and other services for a set fee.  This is for standardised services for experienced VET operators who know what they need.

Self-Assurance services in a service agreement

Set Monthly Fees – Annual Agreement

We offer regular clients a compliance monitoring service that addresses the ASQA self- assurance criteria. The agreement is usually for one year. We plan the dates and deadlines and compliance activity together.


Quotations – Payment Plans

For most projects we provide a quotation and payment plan. We develop a project management schedule breaking up the tasks into roles including tasks for your staff. We work to project milestones such as submission dates, audit rectification dates, “opening” dates for new RTO’s. Our quotes for larger projects include seeing the project through to completion. Our track record is outstanding. 


We use conferencing and cloud technology to work as a team. Clients also provide us with log-in to their systems and we work on your RTO documents and LMS platforms remotely. We may be working hourly or on a quoted project. But our clients can see the progress in the shared folders and communication logs.

Hourly Rate Services

Advice by phone & email support – hourly fee

Much of our work is done by phone and email. This suits people who know what they want and how to proceed but need to check their plans and clarify technical or compliance questions. Confidential advice is only a phone call or zoom call away. We can provide to do lists, planning tools, templates and so on. We give advice on what tools are for sale in our shop and how to use these tools and templates.